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Cisco Tools

Cisco Collaboration Index Tool
Collaboration is the act of people working together to reach a common goal. It involves getting the right information to the right people at the right time to make the right decision. Such well-informed and speedy decisions in turn help organizations get work done.
Partner Enablement resource you can use to accelerate your business capabilities.

Cisco Service Contract Center for Partners

Who is my Cisco Representative.

Solution Finder for Modular Routers

Warranty Finder
All Cisco hardware and software products are covered by Cisco’s standard product warranty for a minimum of 90 days. Some product warranties may vary.

Service Finder
Service Finder can help you quickly find the Technical Services available for your Cisco hardware, OS software, and application software products.

Cisco Software License files .– Product Authorization Keys (PAKs)

Cisco Product Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Capacity Tool V4.2

Unified Communications Sizing Tool
The Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool assists users with hardware sizing of large or complex Unified Communications solutions by calculating the call processing requirements for Unified Communications products that have a major impact on performance and scalability.

Cisco Unified Communications Interoperability Portal

Cisco DSP Calculator

Cisco Remote Demonstrations for Partners (earlier: Demo Box)
Cisco remote demonstrations on the Global Demonstration Platform (GDP) are now available globally to Cisco field and Channel Partners! Demonstrations can be scheduled around the clock via a simple web-based interface, empowering Cisco field and partners with Cisco-messaged demonstrations. Demonstrations are scripted, easy to use, and are reset for every session. Users can show a wide variety of Cisco solutions and products using little or no endpoint equipment. To deliver demonstrations using Cisco Unified IP Phones Cisco Specialized Partners can build their own remote endpoint kit using the instructions below.

Cisco Product Advisor
The Cisco Product Advisor tool narrows Cisco networking products based on product features and business requirements.

Cisco Design Expert
Helps you and your customer establish a validated network blueprint that becomes a reliable reference source for managing the network’s evolving lifecycle, making you a trusted advisor and not just another vendor

Cisco Solution Expert
This is an online tool that helps Cisco partners design, configure and validate solutions using Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing or the traditional design model.

Steps to Success
Browse Steps to Success 
Choose a technology solution below to access project methodologies, plans, tools, templates and more.

Cisco Smart Business Assessment
Cisco’s Smart Business Assessment Tool is designed to help you prioritize your key business challenges and show how integrated technology solutions can solve your immediate needs while providing you with a roadmap that can continue to evolve your business

Cisco Quick Pricing Tool
Cisco Quick Pricing Tool was specifically designed to help you quickly generate price estimates for Cisco SMB solutions.
Quote Builder
Quote Builder, a quick, solution configuration application for account managers (specialized partners and Cisco). Quote Builder helps you quickly build a validated solution for single and multiple office locations based on customer requirements.
Cisco Partner E-Learning
The PEC provides training on products, tools, and solutions. It helps partners retain their Cisco partnership status by mapping out training curriculums required for Career Certifications and Technology Specializations.

Cisco Tools & Resources
Frequently used support tools

Cisco Know the Network
The Know the Network (KTN) engagement process is a collaborative activity between the Cisco Sales team and our partners and customers. Knowing a network involves an initial co-managed KTN engagement as well as a continuing effort to keep the network information in sync with the Cisco service contract database. This KTN engagement is a one-time event. It is to be conducted only once on any given customer network or equipment

Cisco Promotions
Discover the promotions you can share with your customers



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