Posted by: Mudassir Ali | June 4, 2010

SIP trunk failover timer on a Route List

SIP trunk failover timer on a Route List

There are 2 timers you can modify following the steps below:

1. CUCM Administration > System > Service Parameters.
2. Select the Server & Service “Cisco Call Manager (Active)”
3. Modify the two timers as required:
-> “Retry Count for SIP Invite” (reduce this from default of 6 tries to a smaller value)
-> “SIP Trying Timer” (reduce this from default 500 ms to a smaller value)

The document provided below contains the required info to help you understand the theory/calculations required. You may like to use
different value than what’s used in the example based on the need of your network.

–> Failover Timer on SIP Trunks with CallManager Configuration Example

“This document provides a procedure to determine the timer interval that CallManager uses in order to verify that a Session Initiation Protocol
(SIP) device is no longer present when utilizing a SIP trunk in a route list. The information provided in this document enables you to change
certain CallManager parameters in order to minimize the time that it takes to failover to the next trunk/gateway in the routelist and attempt
completion of the call.”


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