Posted by: Mudassir Ali | June 7, 2010

AVVID IP Telephony—A Converged Network

AVVID IP Telephony—A Converged Network

Cisco’s AVVID network infrastructure is the network foundation

essential for rapid and seamless deployment of emerging technologies

like IP Telephony and other new Internet business solutions

across the enterprise. Built on the Cisco AVVID network infrastructure,

the AVVID IP Telephony solution brings the promise of

high-quality IP voice and fully integrated communications to

reality by allowing data, voice, and video to be transmitted over

a single network infrastructure.

IP Telephony replaces standard public switched telephone networks,

using the Internet to send audio between two or more users in real

time, allowing users to communicate via an IP telephone. Replacing

conventional circuit switched technology with a more cost effective

and efficient packet-based architecture, IP Telephony transmits

data, voice, and video over a single network infrastructure.



  1. Advance IP Telephony solutions allow companiesto realize financial and business benefits. As a result, you’re better positioned to enable workforce mobility, offer enhanced collaboration tools and further strengthen your customer relationships.

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