Posted by: Mudassir Ali | June 11, 2010

Voice Tech Help


  If two RTP streams are presented on the same UDP port on a Cisco IOS  Gateway running SIP, the gateway mixes the two audio streams and plays the two streams to the PSTN party   
  How to minimize the impact of high and inconsistent delay across a satellite connection   
  A motor noise is experienced on VoIP calls across Frame Relay if cRTP and fast switching are enabled   
  QoS configured on fastethernet interface not recognised and results in “choppy voice” even when the voice packets are matched against QoS   
  PSTN user experiences low volume on calls with a user on an IP phone   
  A delay of 10 seconds occurs before the user can hear the ringback tone, when calling from an analog telephone connected to a router FXS port.   
  Outgoing calls to a PSTN or PBX network through a MGCP gateway fail with symptoms like dead air or re-order tone   
  QoS for VoIP does not appear to work through a GRE tunnel across a public carrier network   
  RTP header compression using fast switching causes poor voice quality over Frame Relay   
  Disconnect delay occurs after VoIP call between H.323 gateways connected over ISDN   
  How to configure gateways to minimize echo   
  User experiences one-way audio and cannot pass DTMF digits when calling into an IVR   
  No bandwidth savings realized when cRTP is used across an IPSec VPN   
  What are the parameters of the show call active voice command?   
  LLQ cannot be applied across DSL on an 800 series router   
  The T1 or E1 PRI, connected to the controller T1 or E1 0 line, keeps bouncing and has CRC errors, input errors and carrier transitions   
  Talker echo is heard by the receiver of outbound calls in Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(8)T on the Cisco 3600 router   
  When a PSTN call comes in through 28xx Series Voice IOS Gateway to the IP Phone, the PSTN caller hears one way metallic voice   
  A background hissing sound occurs during speech processing with NM-HDA   
  How to use the show call active voice command to identify jitter and typical voice quality symptoms   
  How to resolve hissing and clipping during a phone call and why VAD can cause these issues   
  Sentences are front-end clipped with VAD   
  Choppy voice heard on VoIP or VoFR calls across a public Frame Relay network   
  Choppy or synthetic voice quality is experienced when cRTP is enabled on MLPPP, HDLC or PPPoA links   

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