Posted by: Mudassir Ali | August 3, 2010

MeetMe Password Protection

MeetMe Password Protection

Several months ago, I came across a great script that combines UCCX/IP-IVR with MeetMe functionality. This allows you to front-end MeetMe calls with a conference number and pin. Call it a “poor man’s” version of Meeting Place.


  • CCX Premium.
  • Internal extension number length: 5 digit


  • On CRS create a new database called MeetMe
  • Create a table in the new database called MeetMe

Create fields like this:

Create a ODBC connection to the database in Windows 2003 server and add the ODBC connection to the database subsystem in CRS application administration.

Script / Application

Add the script to the script repository, and create a new application with the new script.

Here is a list of prompts: (I hope you can understand the meaning.) They are all selectable under application management.

Add some triggers to the application. The script is designed so if you have a application trigger the associated Meetme-number in the CUCM is + 200.

Example: Trigger to CRS is 44500, the associated Meetme number is 44700


A caller calls the Application trigger. If there is no active meeting the system checks that caller is internal by checking the number length of the caller is 5 digit. If correct the system plays no active meeting, do you wish to activate, press 1 (pNoActiveMeetme). Caller press 1 to accept. The caller is then asked to enter 4 digit pincode (pEnterPassword). Then it asks to confirm the pincode (pConfirmPassword). If the pincodes are the same, the caller is asked to enter meeting duration in minutes (pEnterExpectedTime).

The system then enters an entry in the table with the pincode and timestamp of NOW + expected time entered previously.

The caller is then presented with a prompt telling him to hang up and activate the Meetme conference on number Trigger + 200.

Next caller to same application trigger. The system check whether there is a active meeting. If the meeting is active (based on the time entered by Initiator) the caller is asked to enter pincode (pEnterPasswordParticipants). If correct the system plays prompt pTransferToMeeting, and then transfer the call to the Meetmenumber (Trigger + 200).



  1. Does anyone know where i can find this script for the password protected Meetme mentioned in this post?

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