Posted by: Mudassir Ali | August 9, 2010

How is the new ACS 5.0 policy model different from that of ACS 4.x?

With ACS 4.x it was very simple, just define your ‘groups’ apply permission to it.

Remember what programmers (C++) use “if and then conditions”, with ACS 5.x it’s something like that.

If <condition> then <result>

Configuring ACS 5.x is not that easy as it was in 4.x, not just the configuration part, ACS 5.x comes as an appliance or you can install it on VMware as well.

For more details à Understanding ACS Policy Model

Feature Comparison of ACS 3.x and 4.x with ACS 5.1 PDF

ACS 5.x Policy Model Trainings

Access Control Policy for a Wireless Network

Access Control Policy for Client-less Devices

Access Control Policy for Device Adminstration

Introduction to ACS 5.0 Rule-Based Policy Model

Optimize Your Troubleshooting Technology

Cisco ACS Trainings:

CiscoSecure ACS:Primer/Tutorial v4.0 E-Learning

Cisco Secure Desktop Software E-Learning

Migration Webinar: ACS 5.1 Best Practices WebEx

Migration Webinar: ACS 5.1 Strategy WebEx

Switch Security and ACS 5.0 WebEx

Cisco ACS Lab on PEC à Search for ACS 5.0 Lab

Cisco PEC à Great learning tool from Cisco


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