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Cisco Security Assessment Program

 Cisco Security Assessment Program

  Cisco Security Assessment   Program

Raising Risk Awareness for our Customers
“The world has wrapped around its head (the   idea) that just because there is no news, life is good.” –John Stewart, Cisco   CSO

Participating Vendors

Why security assessments?

Solution-led sales drive greater customer satisfaction and   loyalty while increasing the average sales opportunity.  While Cisco offers many product-based   incentives, service-based engagements often yield twice the margin.  Depending on the type of project,   consultative endeavors often help partners foster a self-sustaining   relationship that yield returns many times over.

Customer environments are always in flux, and the lack of   vigilant security operations gives channel partners many opportunities for   service engagements to identify risk, protect sensitive assets, and prevent   further threats.

How do partners participate in the program?

Advanced Security Specialized Partners are invited to engage   with the Security Partner Acceleration Center (PAC) through respective   Channel Account Managers.  PAC   Consulting Systems Engineers (CSEs) will discuss the partner’s security assessment   practice to determine areas where the PAC can assist in field engagement and   create additional opportunities through further development.

1)    The PAC CSE will introduce the program and   expect a completed Security Assessment Practice Checklist (attached).  

2)    The Security Assessment Practice Checklist   includes additional information such as assessment report templates and   customer references.

Master Security Specialized Partners are also invited to   engage, and the Master Security audit process will be sufficient in place of   the PAC CSE interview.

3)    Each opportunity will need to be entered in   the SIRE tool (   by Cisco CAM, SE, or AM.

4)    After acceptance by both partner and Cisco   program teams, partners will have 60 days in which to complete the   engagement, and Proof-of-Performance (PoP) will be required before   payment.  PoP documents include:

a.  Security Assessment Summary (attached)

b.  Assessment Visit Report (XLS attached – required in SIRE)

c.  Tool Report Executive Summary

d.  Risk Mitigation Solution Bill-of-Materials

What tools are approved for use?

Many partners have established security assessment practices,   and Cisco encourages execution of those established processes rather than   requiring the use of new tools that might require new training and   integration time.  Tools that Cisco PAC   CSEs recommend, however, include the following:

1)    RedSeal Network Advisor

2)    Core Impact

3)    AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer

4)    Qualys QualysGuard Suite

5)   Cenzic Hailstorm or ClickToSecure

6)   Sipera VIPER VAST

Each of these vendors have creating promotional offers for the   Cisco Security Assessment Program.  Other tools are also currently under consideration.

What benefits will partners realize?

Partners will receive a $2,500 subsidy for each successfully   completed assessment opportunity.

Where is there more information about security assessment practice development?

Cisco PAC has collaborated with multiple parties to help partners build and maintain security practices:

  1. Auditing & Assessment Series (previously recorded)
  2. Solution Building (previously recorded)
  3. Security Assessment Program Overview (previously recorded)
  4. Information Risk Assessment Series (previously recorded)




  1. Thank for the information, our small IT security assessment firm could benefit from this program.

    • Here are couple of good informational trainings.
      Borderless Network Security Assessment (BNSA) Replay with live Q&A 07-Dec-10 •Recording link

      Borderless Network Assessment – Security L4TM training (Pilot) 30-Nov-10 •Recording link


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