Posted by: Mudassir Ali | February 10, 2011

Cisco UCCX Tools and Resources

Cisco UCCX Tools and Resources

Resources – TOOLS

•Answer File Generator

•Cisco Unified Communications Compatibility Tool

•Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool –can be used for UCCX

•ACE Lab Documentation (UCCX Migration Lab)

•Data Migration Tool (DMT)

Link to DMT

•Pre-Upgrade Tool (PUT)

Link to PUT

Resources – Information Gathering

•UCCX Landing page on CCO

•Partner Collaboration Community

•UCCX Group in Partner Collaboration Community

•All Aboard the Express III –hold the dates document

•UCCX 8.5 TOI(Transfer of Information)

•All Aboard the Express II

•Steps to Success

•Social Miner TOI

•Solutions Expert


•UCCX Ordering Guide

•UCCX Data Sheets


•SRND(Solutions Reference Network Design)

•Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Cisco Unified CCX) Hardware and Software Compatibility Guide

•CCX 8.0 Appliance Deep Dive recorded Webinar

•CCX 8.0 HAoWANDeep Dive recorded Webinar


•UCCX Licensing & Ordering

•Training Current and Future under the Field Training Organization

CUEAC(Cisco Unified Enterprise Attendant Console)

CUP (Cisco Unified Presence)

UCon UCS B-Series

UCon UCS C-Series

Unity / Unity Connection Hot Mode (COBRAS)

•CventTraining Calendar

VoE – UCCX Migration.pdf



  1. I cannot believe what a wonderful job you have done. I am building a new team and mentoring them and this website is going to do wonders for them. I went through some of your blogs and you have articulated technology very nicely.

    Thank you so much for doing something which most people find it so hard. All the best in whatever you do. God bless!!


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