Posted by: Mudassir Ali | February 18, 2011

Cisco Turn It On Program

Cisco Turn It On Program

Helping Maximize Your Cisco Routers and Switches
Turn It On is a program created to help you get the most from the powerful features already residing on your Cisco routers and switches. With this information and your expertise, you can maximize the return on the investment in your existing Cisco equipment. Don’t wait. Learn more, and then “Turn It On!”
The Turn It On Program at a Glance (PDF – 328 KB)
Cisco Day at the Movies: 802.1x (PDF – 5.3 MB)
Cisco Day at the Movies: CoPP, ERSPAN, and NetFlow (PDF – 3.7 MB)
Cisco Day at the Movies: EEM and IP SLA (PDF – 2.7 MB)
Cisco Day at the Movies: GLBP and VRF-Lite (PDF – 1.5 MB)Protective Quality of Service (QOS) Features
Control Plane Policing (CoPP) and Network-based Application Recognition (NBAR) empower the network to maintain maximum uptime and efficiency.
Protective Quality of Service Features (PDF – 138 KB)
Control Plane Policing (Video – 4:53 min)

Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF-Lite) / Multi-Virtual Routing and Forwarding Customer Edge (Multi-VRF CE)
Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VFR)-lite, also known as Multi-VRF Customer Edge (CE), provides a valuable solution for virtual private network (VPN) separation by enabling a single routing device to support multiple virtual routing tables, delivering measurable increases in security, privacy, scalability, and ROI.
VRF-Lite/Multi-VRF CE (PDF – 219 KB)
Virtual Route Forwarding (Video – 3:56 min)

Advanced Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services
Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) and Group Encrypted Transport Virtual Private Network (GET VPN) eliminate the need for businesses to choose between QoS-enabled branch interconnectivity and transport security.
Advanced VPN Services (DMVPN and GET VPN) (PDF – 326 KB)

Catalyst Integrated Security Features (CISF)
A rich set of industry-leading integrated security features that proactively protect the critical network infrastructure against the most common – and potentially damaging – Layer 2 security threats.
Catalyst Integrated Security Features (PDF – 372 KB)
Address Resolution Protocol Inspection (Video – 2:03 min)
IP Source Guard (Video – 1:57 min)
Port Security (Video – 2:21 min)

Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) Toolkit
An advanced suite of tools that makes it easy to add Layer 2 hardening on Cisco Catalyst enterprise LAN switches to dramatically improve stability and performance of the basic STP algorithm.
Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP) Toolkit (PDF – 163 KB)
Root Guard (Video – 2:29 min)
Loop Guard (Video – 2:11 min)

Encapsulated Remote Switching Port Analyzer (ERSPAN)
Enables customers to connect from any port in the network, and virtually mirror traffic, and analyze packets from any port on any remote switch, all without physically moving the analyzer tool (“sniffer”).
Encapsulated Remote Switching Port Analyzer (ERSPAN) (PDF – 185 KB)

Dynamic Routing Intelligence Solutions
IP Service Level Agreements (IPSLAs), Optimized Edge Routing (OER) and Embedded Event Manager (EEM) enable powerful real-time measurement, management, and network failure-detection capabilities.
Dynamic Routing Intelligence Solutions (PDF – 428 KB)
Embedded Event Manager (Video – 4:43 min)
IP Service Level Agreement (Video – 3:50 min)


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