Posted by: Mudassir Ali | February 25, 2011

Cisco Quick Start Learning Modules


A learning experience designed for sales teams on the go! This modular interactive training provides partners with information on how to effectively position Cisco solutions. It is designed to bring partners up to speed quickly on various solutions in preparation for meetings with our customers.

Technology English Course Modules & Resources
Application Networking Services (ANS) QuickStart Application Networking Services (ANS)
Borderless Mobility QuickStart Borderless Mobility
Borderless Networks QuickStart Borderless Networks
Collaboration Architecture QuickStart Collaboration Architecture
Collaboration 2010 QuickStart Collaboration 2010
Collaboration 2011 QuickStart Collaboration 2011
Data Center / Virtualization QuickStart Data Center/Virtualization
Green Solutions Quickstart Green Solutions
Security QuickStart Security
TelePresence QuickStart TelePresence
Unified Communications (UC) QuickStart Unified Communications (UC)
Unified Computing System QuickStart Unified Computing System


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