Posted by: Mudassir Ali | February 28, 2011

Cisco Free Online Trainings

Free Online Trainings

Callmanager & Express Unity & Connection IPCC Voice Gateways Voice Security IP Phones Video QOS Avaya & Other Vendors
Unified Communications ArchitectureUnified Communications Systems Release Approach

Unified Communications Architecture Focus Areas

Unified Communications Installation and Upgrade

Deploying DHCP Server on Unified CallManager 5.0

Unified CallManager 5.0 Directory Integration

Unified Communications Deployment Methods

Unified Communications IP Telephony Deployment Models

Unified Communications RSVP Overview

Unified Communications IP Telephony Architecture

Unified Communications Systems Approach to Troubleshooting

Demystifying Unified Communications Manager Partitions and Calling Search Spaces

Voice Centric Technology for Small Business

SP – TCP/IP, IP Addressing & Subnetting

Unified Communications Migration Challenge

Cisco Unified Communications System Release 5.1 System Overview

Cisco Unified Communications System Release 5.1 Installation and Upgrade

Cisco Unified Communications System

Designing and Implementing Cisco IPVC Rich Media Communications

Cisco IPC Rockin’ Retailer Game

Cisco Learning Game Trilogy

Configuring Cisco CallManager Time-of-Day Routing

Establishing an On-Cluster Call with Cisco Call Manager (CMONC) v1.0

Telephony Troubleshooting Topics (TTOPS)

Communication for the Open-minded (UC/Collaboration solutions)* *

Cisco Unity Trainings & ToolsConnection 1.1 Training

Connection 1.2 Training

Connection 2.0(1) Training

Connection 7.0(1) Training

Connection 7.1(1) Training

Connection 8.0(1) Training

Unity 4.0(1) Training

Unity 4.0(3) Training

Unity 4.0(4) Training

Unity 4.0(5) Training

Unity 4.1 Training

Unity 4.2 Training

Unity 5.0(1) Training

Unity 7.0(1) Training

Unity 8.0(1) Training

Unity Exchange 2010 Training

Cisco Unity End User Training Tutorial

QLM – Troubleshooting Common Cisco Unity Integration Issues

Unified IPCC 7.0 Enterprise Deployment ModelsUnified IPCC Express 4.5 Deployment Models CTT-TAC: Introduction to Basic Analog Voice over IPCTT-TAC: Analog Voice Internetworking with E&M Signaling

CTT-TAC: Basic Analog-to-Digital Voice over IP

Troubleshooting Common VoIP Problems


Cisco ACE XML Gateway

Troubleshooting Common Gateway Registration Issues

Deploying IPv6 Networks – Part 1

VoIP Performance Management and Optimization – Part 1

VoIP Performance: Management and Optimization – Part 2

Enterprise Adoption of Hosted VoIP to Grow Exponentially

CCBU Serviceability and Security EnhancementsSecuring VoIP applications using the enhanced features of the Cisco ASA Cisco SPA 525 IP Phone TutorialCisco IP Phone 7962

Cisco IP Phone 7960

Cisco IP Phone 7942

Cisco IP Phone 7940

Cisco IP Phone 7911

Cisco IP Communicator v2.0

Cisco IP Phones Basics

Video FREE E-learning TrainingPartners and Cisco Technical – PEC (Course name ICRMC)

Customer – CELC (ICRMC)

Deploying AutoQoS on Wan Routers
Unified Communications QoS for Security

CTT-TAC: Link Efficiency Mechanisms

CTT-TAC: Queuing Techniques

Avaya one-X® UC All Inclusive Multimedia Training Library

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