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Websense Trainings

Websense Trainings Webinars on Demand

February 2011

Websense Webcast – New Websense TRITON Unveiled
As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said, the only constant is change. This rings true each and every day. The Web is a dynamic and dangerous place if you are not taking the proper precautions to protect your network and employees. As technology continues to improve, businesses are faced with attacks from every angle. We are no longer faced with simple, one-dimensional threats, but advanced persistent threats that attack from every platform. Join Mark Bouchard, CISSP from AimPoint Group, and Websense director of product marketing, Dave Meizlik, as they unveil the all new, Websense TRITON solution, a unified security solution that can help you protect your organization from this ever-changing environment called the worldwide Web.

January 2011

Websense Webcast – WikiLeaks: How am I Affected?
The latest WikiLeaks episode has raised questions about how organizations and governments protect their sensitive information. While this incident was isolated, it has severe implications on the modern enterprise. In an era where sensitive data is available at ones fingertips, how can we ensure this doesn’t happen to us? Join Websense® senior product marketing manager, John Yun, as he discusses the impact of WikiLeaks, and how it impacts organizations and what they can do to prevent a similar incident from happening.

December 2010

Websense Connect – Delivering Security in the Social Web
Your customers are there, and your employees need to be too. But how do you enforce acceptable use policy and protect your employees from malware and data loss on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks? Join Dave Meizlik, director of product and marketing communications, as he demonstrates the power of Websense® Web Security Gateway technology. Websense is the only solution provider to deliver real-time inbound and outbound content scanning to make sure malicious content doesn’t get in, and good content doesn’t get out.

November 2010

Websense Connect – 2010 Threat Report
Websense predicts more targeted Web attacks from blended threats in 2011. Today’s cybercriminals set advanced traps that employ social networks, email, websites, search, and more. Individuals and organizations still using legacy solutions stand grave risk of costly security breaches, data loss, and downtime. Find out how you can defend against today’s ever-evolving threats.

October 2010

Websense Connect – Defensio Announcement
Watch our webcast to learn how the Websense® Defensio™ Web service can help your organization protect its followers, maintain its brand, and spend less time and money managing the content posted on your Facebook Fan page and blog in real time.

September 2010

Websense Connect – Independent Tests Validate Websense Web Security Gateway Outperforms the Competition
Want to know how Websense, Blue Coat, Cisco, and McAfee Web gateways stack up? Join our On-Demand webcast for a brief overview of the Miercom report. The independent tests recently measured each vendor in malware detection and blocking, Web 2.0 sie content control, data loss prevention and ease of management. Attendees will also get a complete copy of the Miercom report.

August 2010

Websense Connect – Securing the Social Web
Organizations around the world are racing to take advantage of social networking and media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Along with these new resources, comes new risk as user-generated content circumvents traditional security technologies such as antivirus and URL filtering.Join our webcast to learn how Websense can help your organization leverage the power of social networking without worrying about zero-day malware, inappropriate content, or the disclosure of sensitive information.

July 2010

Websense Connect – Data Loss Prevention without Despair
Are you concerned that implementing data loss prevention (DLP) will be too costly and complex? Join Websense and special guest speaker, Mark Bouchard, expert security analyst at AimPoint Group, to find out how to take the cost and complexity out of data loss prevention. If protecting your organization’s sensitive data is a priority, you will want to tune in.

June 2010

Websense Connect – Websense WSGA: Securing your Web and Data With One Console
Protect your organization’s use of today’s dynamic Web and prevent data loss while reducing costs and complexity. Websense® Web Security Gateway Anywhere, part of the TRITON™ system, is the first secure Web gateway to combine the power of on-premise deployment with the flexibility of Security-as-a-Service (SaaS). Join us for our webinar featuring the Web Security Gateway Anywhere where we will also introduce our V5000™ appliance. The V5000 appliance is ideal for branch office and medium business deployments. See how our latest addition to the Websense V-Series™ appliances and the new Web Security Gateway Anywhere keep your organization efficient, productive and fully protected.

May 2010

Websense Connect – Overcome Today’s Security Risks With An ACE
Today’s organizations rely on the Web to thrive but they must employ advanced protection from modern threats to do leverage the benefits safely. Legacy file and data-base driven methods to security have proven to be ineffective in preventing today’s malicious activity. Luckily, there is the Websense TRITON Advanced Classification Engine. You can have multipoint analysis, including URL filtering, antivirus, reputation services, data fingerprinting, and more. See how ACE classifies incoming data and outgoing content and keeps modern threats in check.

April 2010

Say Yes! Securing the New Web
Stopping security threats that are generated in today’s dynamic Web is not impossible ! Learn how best-in-less technologycan help prevent data loss and help solve security problems while letting your organization reap the advantages the modern Web has to offer.

March 2010

Say Yes! HITECH Hackers
Don’t let relentless hackers and their high-tech assaults cause you harm. Join us for a webinar that will teach you how leading technology is available to protect sensitive data and can help address your organization’s compliance. Learn how to protect against modern threats with data loss prevention technology that identifies, monitors and protects confidential information

February 2010

The Advantages of a Hybrid Web Security Gateway
Join Websense and IDC analyst Chris Christiansen as we examine the state of Web security and how critical, new technologies like hybrid deployment and data loss prevention deliver the best security for modern threats in a unified architecture.

February 2010

Say Yes! Websense Triton: Changing the Security Landscape Forever
Get the first look at revolutionary security – Websense unveils new products that will change the security landscape forever. Register now and secure your seat for this must see webinar.

February 2010

Websense State of Internet Security 2H09
Did you know that more than 13 percent of search results for hot topics led to sites that were poisoned in as recently as the past six weeks? Join our webinar to learn about the growing tactics used by attackers in the recent months. Websense is releasing its latest semiannual report which highlights the threats companies around the world have been exposed to in the second half of 2009.

Q2 2009

Industry Webinar: Independent Report on Content Security Suite
In this Webinar, Devin Redmond, VP Product Management at Websense and featured guest Chenxi Wang, Ph.D., Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., discuss the evolving threat landscape and how the need for greater visibility and control of multiple content applications (Web, Email, IM, etc.) is resulting in growing demand for consolidated content security suites. Listen to this informative webinar and learn why Websense was named the sole leader in The Forrester Wave™: Content Security Suites, Q2 2009.

January 2010

Say Yes! Intercepting Modern Threats, the Art of Essential Information Protection
Start the year out right. Learn how to be truly protected against today’s modern threats – the kind of threats that are constantly evolving. Many solutions claim to adequately protect users and data. Yet, organizations must have security that is not only up to date, but ahead of attacks. This adaptable, unified, real-time strategy is known at Websense as Essential Information Protection. Join our webinar, Intercepting Modern Threats, and find out if your organization’s security truly has you and your data protected.

All You Need to Know About DLP
Data is your organization’s most valuable asset, but unless you have a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution in place, you may not know who has access to what data and where it’s going. Join David Meizlik, Director of Product Marketing, to understand the importance of securing the integrity of your organization’s data and learn how to combat threats from in and out of your organization.


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