Posted by: Mudassir Ali | March 30, 2011

Microsoft Vs VMware

Microsoft Vs Vmware

Microsoft virtualization offerings span from the desktop to the datacenter and into the cloud. Regardless of where you plan to use Microsoft virtualization, we provide comprehensive and customer-centric solutions that give you more choice, flexibility, integration and cost savings than VMware.

Microsoft virtualization for the Datacenter

In the datacenter, Microsoft provides many capabilities that VMware does not and cannot offer.

This chart compares VMware vSphere 4 core features with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and System Center Management core features. As you can see, Microsoft is ahead in many of the areas required for a robust desktop to datacenter virtualization and management solution.


Microsoft virtualization for the Desktop

Microsoft provides more comprehensive, flexible virtualization solutions than VMware for desktop virtualization.

The chart below will clarify some of the feature differences between Microsoft and VMware’s desktop virtualization offerings. Notice that Microsoft’s solution is more scalable and flexible, while offering integrated management for both virtual desktops and physical computers.


Microsoft virtualization solutions for the Cloud

Microsoft provides comprehensive cloud computing solutions that traverse the entire stack – from public to private to hosted cloud infrastructures.

The chart below will clarify some of the capability differences between Microsoft and VMware’s cloud offerings. Notice that Microsoft’s cloud solution has better management, more choices for cloud deployments, and free solution accelerator toolkits.



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