Posted by: Mudassir Ali | May 2, 2011

Cisco Call manager SNMP Overview

Cisco Call manager SNMP Overview

CISCO-CCM-MIB. For complete information go to

MIBs Supported

  • Standard MIBs


  • Vendor MIBs (IBM/HP)

Vendor MIBs provide hardware information specific to the platform

For a list of hardware specific MIBs, refer to:

Unified Computing System

VMware & Hardware MIBs

§ VMware ESXi SNMP MIB Modules used with Cisco UCS B- and C-series can be downloaded from

§ MIB Quick Reference for Cisco UCS B-series Manager can be found at

§ UCS C-Series Manager MIBs will be available in a future release

§ Local alarming of certain hardware failure cases may only be available through VMware

§ With VMware installed, remote monitoring and alarming of hardware using Common Information Model (CIM) is recommended. Refer to the UCS RAID Controller SMI-S Reference Guide for detailed information on this topic.


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