Posted by: Mudassir Ali | May 18, 2011

Cisco Competitive Edge

For more information

3Com vs. Cisco

3Com Switching Technology Quick Reference Card

Brocade vs. Cisco

Brocade Quick Reference Card

Cisco ASA versus Check Point Appliances

Cisco ASA offers standard operating system across hardware platforms

–Check Point has separate images for VPN-1 Edge and VPN-1 Unified Threat Management

•Layer 2 or dynamic routing requires additional License

–Check Point VPN-1 VSX (multiple contexts) requires separate code

•STP and dynamic routing code from Open Source or OEM

Cisco ASA 5580 for high performance

–Check Point/Crossbeam Solution may be more expensive

Make IPS relevant: ASA offers multiple hardware based IPS options

Cisco ASA Advanced Inspection and Prevention-Security Services Module (ASA AIP-SSM) runs full IPS 6.x code

–Smart Defense IPS offers limited capabilities

–Check Point performance may be impacted when SmartDefense is enabled

–Check Point IPS products were introduced after many competitive offerings

SSL VPN includes web portal on Cisco ASA appliances

–SSL VPN on Check Point UTM-1 is SSL network extender only

–SSL VPN on Check Point is limited to ~1000 concurrent SSL VPN clients

–Web portal on Check Point requires Connectra (stand-alone SSL VPN appliance)

–Check Point NGX R65 can manage Connectra appliances

Juniper vs. Cisco

Juniper Quick Reference Card

Cisco ASA 5500 vs. Fortinet Feature Comparison



  1. Hi can you share some file about Cisco UCCX CCX training i need it thx

  2. Hi Mudassir Ali i need Cisco UCCX CCX scripting *.ppt or Webex or PDF Training for Cisco Partner can you Provide link for this.

  3. THX for LMS training i really need it..

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