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All About Juniper

Knowledge Base

Routing Switching Security
BX Series EX Series IDP Series
CTP Series   ISG Series
E Series   NetScreen Series
J Series   SA Series
JCS1200   SRX Series
LN Series   SSG Series
M Series   Unified Access Control
MX Series    
T Series    

BX Series: The BX7000 Multi-Access Gateway is part of Juniper Networks’ backhaul solution, which addresses an operator’s current operating expenditures and bandwidth challenges while preparing the way for future migration to 4G technologies.

BXOS Software Documentation for BX Series Multi-Access Gateways:

Releases: 4.2R1 | 4.1R2 | 4.1R1 | 4.0R2 | 4.0R1 | 3.0R2 | 3.0R1

CTP Series: CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms provide the advanced technology and features required to reliably transport TDM and other circuit-based applications across next-generation IP networks. The CTP Series has the flexibility, performance, and reliability required for circuit applications. The CTP Series technology includes software circuit provisioning, a scalable product family, an advanced clocking toolkit, and a Web interface for fast and easy provisioning, troubleshooting, and monitoring of the circuits.

CTP150 Circuit to Packet Platform | CTP1000 Circuit to Packet Platform | CTP2000 Quick Start Guide

CTPView Network Management System 4.1 | CTPOS 6.0 and CTPView Network Management System 4.0 | CTPOS 5.4 and | CTPView Network Management System 3.4

ERX Series: ERX routers are modular, carrier-class networking devices that deliver performance, reliability, and service differentiation to both business and consumer Internet users. The ERX7xx and ERX14xx models offer high port density, low power consumption, and fully redundant Internet access routing and edge aggregation. The Juniper Networks ERX310 Broadband Services Router supports the same services, but with smaller capacity and scaling capabilities. ERX routers offer the complete edge solution for IP-optimized carriers.

Five models of ERX routers are available: Juniper Networks ERX1440, ERX1410, ERX710, ERX705, and ERX310 Broadband Services Router

JunosE Software Documentation Release 11.3 | 11.2 | 11.1 | 11.0 | 10.3 | 10.2 | 10.1 | 10.0 | 9.3 | 9.2 | 9.1

E Series Hardware Documentation: 11.2.x | 11.1.x | 11.0.x | 10.3.x | 10.2.x | 10.1.x | 10.0.x | 9.3.x | 9.2.x | 9.1.x | 9.0.x

J Series: J-series Services Routers provide stable, reliable, and efficient IP routing, WAN and LAN connectivity, and management services for small to medium-sized enterprise networks. Services Routers typically connect small, branch, or regional offices to a central site router, and link Internet service provider (ISP) networks. J2300, J4300, and J6300 Services Routers

Releases: 9.3 | 8.5 | 8.1

JCS1200 Control System: The JCS1200 platform is ideal for building future-proof routing architectures. It allows the convergence of multiple services on shared forwarding hardware by maintaining a clean partition between services.

Releases: 10.3 | 10.2 | 10.1 | 10.0 | 9.6 | 9.5 | 9.4 | 9.3 | 9.2 | 8.5

Note: The JUNOS flow-mode software known as “JUNOS Software with Enhanced Services” is now referred to as “JUNOS software for J-series Services Routers”.

LN1000 Mobile Secure Router: The LN1000 Secure Mobile Router is an embedded router that operates in both wire-line and wireless environments with communication nodes that are either mobile or stationary. The router provides reliable and secure data, voice, and video services.

M Series: M Series Multiservice Edge Routers combine IP/MPLS capabilites with unmatched reliability, stability, security, and service richness. These multiservice edge routing platforms allow enterprises and service providers to consolidate multiple networks into a single IP/MPLS infrastructure while simultaneously generating new revenues with leading-edge services.

M7i Router | M10i Router| M40e Router| M120 Router | M320 Router

MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers: MX Series routers provide Ethernet switching capabilities without sacrificing carrier-class routing features customers expect from Juniper. MX Series routers not only separate control and forwarding functions, the Ethernet switching separates Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding with the intelligence to bridge when possible and route when needed.

MX80 Router | MX240 Router| MX480 Router | MX960 Router

T Series Core Routers: T Series Core Routers, which support the industry’s only 100-GB router interface, are ideal for infrastructure that must scale to meet growing Internet traffic. T Series routers offer the lowest capacity-based power consumption in the industry.

T320 Router |T640 Router |T1600 Router |TX Matrix Router |TX Matrix Plus Router


· Chassis Analyzer
· Firewall Session Analyzer (FSA)
· Junos Hardware Validation
· Junos Defect Search
· JUNOSe Defect Search
· Junos VPN Configuration Tool (Beta)
· Secure Access Sizing Calculator
· IOS to Junos Translator
· JUNOSe to Junos Translator
· ScreenOS to Junos Translator
· All Translation Tools…

Juniper Icons – Stencils


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