Posted by: Mudassir Ali | June 14, 2011

EIGRP or OSPF Which one should I use?

Here is a very good presentation on EIGRP Vs OSPF

EIGRP or OSPF Which one should I use? pdf

EIGRP forms adjacencies and exchanges routing updates with neighbors OSPF forms adjacencies with DR/BDROSPF can be more efficient than EIGRP for large meshed networks
EIGRP uses metric based on bandwidth and delay OSPF uses interface cost (inversely proportional to bandwidth)EIGRP may provide more flexibility in selecting best path
EIGRP by default limits usage to at most 50% of link bandwidth in worst case OSPF uses 100% of link bandwidth when required EIGRP may be better suited for lower bandwidth WAN applications
EIGRP provides feature velocity, but is Cisco-proprietary OSPF is an Internet RFC standard
EIGRP sends hop-by-hop queries only when Feasible Successor cannot be found OSPF regularly syncs LSA database and floods network with topology change EIGRP can be more efficient by minimizing routing information exchanged
EIGRP is a conceptually simpler routing protocol OSPF’s rules for different types of areas and LSAs can be conceptually more difficult to understand Some customers believe EIGRP is easier to implement, but both are feature-rich and scalable
EIGRP supports automatic summarization OSPF’s requires manual summarization Care is needed in either case to ensure proper summarization!
EIGRP supports both equal and unequal cost load sharing OSPF only supports equal cost load sharing

OSPF Troubleshooting

EIGRP or OSPF �Which should I use.pdf


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