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Documents posted to Contact Center Community in Cisco Support Community

Documents posted to Contact Center Community in Cisco Support Community
How to Configure prompt in UCCX 8.x 
Not getting Historical Reports in CCX 
UCCX 7.0(1) – Agents Initiate Call Recordings directly from CAD 
How to disable NIC teaming on UCCX server 
Contact Center Express System Prompt Repository Details 
UCCX 8 Licensing 
UCCX – Utilizing XML Document to Change Call Flow 
CAD Supervisors receive error with Desktop Monitoring 
Login to the CRS Appadmin fails with the Error Message “The Cisco JTAPI Client versions are inconsistent” 
UCCX data restore fails with the error message “Fail to update CRS Config Datastore primary state in node 1” 
UCCX: Cisco Agent Desktop Error “unable to download file” 
Understanding the UCCX Engine Agent Login Process 
Configure Automatic Recording for CAD agents. 
Remove License files from UCCX 5 or 7 
How to get the License MAC for UCCX 8.x 
How to backup CRS 5.0 
Manually uninstall HRC.docx 
Configuring MS Exchange 2003 and 2007 for use with CAD Agent E-Mail.doc 
Manual synchronization UCCX 
changing ready/ not ready after RONA in 3.x UCCX 
CRS Agents Initiate Call Recordings directly from CAD 
Error Message “CDAUI1000 Error while trying to load the data” appears when trying to configure Silent Monitoring/Recording 
Creating ODBC for wallboard or external database in UCCX 
Document on accessing database tables in UCCX  on box running MSDE 
Trobleshooting steps and Logs required for Desktop Monitoring not working in UCCX 
Troubleshooting Tips — Unified CCX 
Error message when running Historical Report 
After user installs CRS, the administrator login fails with the default password ciscocisco 
In IPCC Express, only one user can log in while everyone else receives the “invalid password” error message 
How to change the IP address or hostname of the Cisco CallManager servers that the agent desktops use to connect to CTI Manager 
The Cisco Agent Desktop’s agent state toggles between “ready” and “reserved states” 
Share access may be denied if the Cisco CRA server is infected with a virus 
How to load balance between two IP IVR units – Translation route to VRU node in an IPCC Enterprise Edition environment 
After the CRS is installed in the Cisco CallManager Subscriber Server of a cluster, unable to start the JTAPI subsystem and user receives the “CTIERR_UNSPECIFIED[0x0]” error message  
In CRS 3.5, the CRA server and Active Directory integration results in some services being unregistered 
CAD software installation fails with “Err: 3, GetNamedSecurityInfo()” failed error message 
Login fails with “Unable to create session with server” error message on Agent Desktop 
Agents have Call Park and transfer issues after parking the first call 
Calls to a CRA server fail after one ring when called from a remote site 
Agent desktops cannot connect to Rascal server when using CRA 
Unable to add CTI Route Point in the Cisco CallManager 4.x to integrate the IPCC Express with the “Could not add CTI Route Point” error message on the Cisco CallManager 
In CRA 3.0, after a call is queued, it never gets routed to an agent even if one becomes available 
In CRS 3.5, after the user updates a Network Interface Card (NIC) driver, the Cisco Supervisor Desktop and Cisco Agent Desktop Silent Monitoring and Recording features do not work 
What steps are involved in the IP phone agent login process? 
After the Nuance ASR software is installed on the same box as the CRA server and a Nuance ASR subsystem is configured/added, the subsystem does not display in the Subsystem dropdown menu on the CRA Admin Menu 
Running Cisco CRA historical reports returns an SQL error 
In CRS 3.5, Cisco CallManager users display in random order 
The silent monitoring and recording features do not work when an agent uses a Cisco IP Softphone 
An out of memory error occurs on the Cisco CRA server 
After adding new users, user is unable to log on to CRA Administration web page and login fails with the Unauthorized web page error message 
In CRS 3.5, discrepancy in number of ACD calls is shown on custom reports 
User receives the “Could not start the Cisco Desktop VoIP Monitor Server service on Local Computer” error message in a dual NIC environment or unable to do voice monitoring when using dual NIC cards with the VoIP monitor server 
In CRS with the IPCC Express Standard licensing option, administrators are unable to add agents or resources to multiple resource groups or multiple CSQs 
In CRS 3.x, the user receives the Unable to connect to the server error message when the user tries to run any real-time report from the CRA administration web page 
Received a Failed to login to CTI Manager! Please talk to your administrator error message during login to CAD 
The CRA engine does not start 
How to enable an audible notification when IP phones are set to Auto Answer for the IPCC agents in the Cisco CallManager 4.x 
After the TAPS is installed on the CRS 4.x server, when the CTI route point of the Cisco CallManager 5.x is called, the caller hears dead air 
The CRA engine fails to start after adding a license 
When a user logs in with the correct details in Cisco Agent Desktop, the log in fails for some ICD agents, and the “Unable to log agent in” error message appears 
How to create or record macros in Cisco Agent Desktop when running IPCC 
CAD login fails with a licensing error 
Unable to modify scripts or applications in IPCC Express, and when an attempt is made to modify an application with the Application Administrator, the error message appears 
Upgrading Cisco CRA does not upgrade the RASCAL server and other Cisco Agent Desktop components do not install. Installation fails with an error message 
How to configure CRS to support Extension Mobility users 
How to configure redundant CTI Manager servers in CRS 
Cisco IPCC agents with their second line as the ACD line are unable to “Call Forward All” to voice mail on that line 
What steps are involved in the CAD login process? 
User receives a The Engine is not running error message after the user selects Associate CTI Port in the JTAPI Call Control Group Configuration web page 
In CRS, the supervisor desktop cannot start recording an agent’s call 
Does the Subscriber Feature Proxy (SFP) authenticate re-invites? 
When the user performs an STI backup,  SQL database errors appear in the log 
In CRS 3.5, the Priority Summary Activity Report prints only partly in color 
The IP phone agent log in fails on different IP phones with the “Invalid Entry(s), Retry” error message and Control Failure message in the CRS log 
What are the IPCC Express agent configuration dependencies in CCMAdmin? 
IPCC Express rejects calls with the No idle channels are available from the groups error message 
Cisco Agent Desktop login issues with various CRS error messages 
The user cannot record prompts in Microsoft Sound Recorder when using CRS 3.5 with G.729 codec. G.729 is missing from the drop-down menu
After the user upgrades to CallManager 3.3(3), AutoAttendent does not work and the AppAdmin pages are not accessible 
In CRS 3.5, JRE fails to install on servers with 4 GB RAM with the Insufficient memory available to run Setup. Error 111 error message 
In CRS, AD installation fails with the Cannot open process token error message 
How to change the IP address of a Cisco CRA server 
Cisco Agent Desktop fails to log in after upgrading or reinstalling the CRS server due to JTAPI issues 
The CRS Enterprise Server Data Subsystem remains “OUT_OF_SERVICE” after the IP address is changed on the server 
IPCC Agents can log in to CAD but cannot receive ICD calls 
In CRS 3.5, the CRA Historical Reporting Client points to incorrect server 
In CRS, the supervisor desktop cannot hear anything but starts monitoring 
All of the expected user records are not displayed on the CRA User Management web page 
CRA database fields store data in milliseconds and are presented on a wallboard in HH:MM:SS format 
CRA There has been an error while reading or saving to the database. Please contact Admin error message appears when you update CSQ, skills, or resource information in CRS 3.x 
A CRA script was assigned to a specific language at the route point but it plays prompts in a different language 
User is unable to access the CRA Administration page and an error message displays 
In CRS 3.5, after the user adds supervisors in Cisco CallManager Administration and configures them as ICD resources in CRA Administration, the supervisors do not appear in the Cisco Desktop Administrator 
In CRS 3.5, callers do not hear a TTS prompt when a TTS prompt is expected 
In CRS 3.x, a redirected call disconnects or does not ring the IP phone where it was directed 
In CRS 3.5, the Remote Functionality options like Debug, Test DB and Refresh DB Scheme are not available in the CRA Editor 
In CRS 3.5, the CRA historical report client computer is unable to connect to the CRA server, and the historical reports client log file shows “the Not associated with a trusted connection” error message 
In CRS 3.5, with a CRA Historical Reports Database Server installation, the User Configuration page has empty installed product packages 
In CRS 3.x, callers hear the I am sorry, we are currently experiencing system problems message when they call a CTI route point. The JTAPI subsystem might also be in partial service because the CTI route point cannot load the associated application script 
A default export file name does not appear in the Export dialog box 
The application subsystem is in partial service and the Application Tasks real-time report shows an application running for an unexpectedly long time 
With CRS 3.x, a user specifies a language but the software does not accept it nor plays the language entered by the user 
How to configure a wrap-up delay for an ICD agent in CRS 2.x and 3.x 
An agent receives this error message when trying to log in to the Cisco Agent Desktop: The ID you entered was not found 
The agent receives this error message when trying to log in to the Agent Desktop: A critical error has been received. Either your phone or the CallManager is offline. If you are not already logged out, you may need to logout and try to login again. 
In CRS 3.5, the language specified for a TTS request differs from the language used by TTS 
In CRS 3.5, for calls that have been allocated a channel from a Nuance ASR Dialog Control Group, names are not consistently recognized by the Name to User step 
In CRS 3.5, occasionally TTS prompts respond slowly 
The CRA Engine Status area in the Engine web page shows that the JTAPI subsystem is in partial service 
The CRA Engine is running but the CRA system does not respond by answering calls 
During generation of an agent detail report or an abandoned call detail activity report in CRS 3.5, an error message may occur that indicates the connection with the CRA database has been broken 
Administrator user is unable to log into the CRA AppAdmin page 
In CRS 3.5, when the user selects Tools > Historical Reporting from the Cisco CRA administration menu, nothing appears in the user drop-down menu 
Location of Oracle database passwords in CSCP 2.0
When calling a CRA script that has been assigned to a route point and set to a language, callers do not hear any prompts 
In CRS 3.x, an error message appears when a user selects an option from the Cisco CRA Historical Reporting web page 
The Cisco CallManager Automated Attendant cannot find a user that a caller specifies when dialing by name 
In CRS, the supervisor desktop cannot start the VoIP Monitor Server and receives this error message: Supervisor is unable to start Monitoring device extension. 
The Silent Monitor feature does not work for IPCC agents 
Editor scripts repository for UCCX 

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