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SonicWall At A Glance

SonicWall Product Line PDF
SonicWALL eLearning Courses SonicWALL Training

Advanced Networking and Security with SonicOS
Module 1:  VLANs   Presentation  Demonstration   Quiz
Module 2: Multicast Presentation Demonstration  Quiz
Module 3:  Dynamic Routing  Presentation  Demonstration   Quiz
Module 4: VoIP  Presentation  Demonstration  Quiz
Module 5:  QoS   Presentation    Demonstration    Quiz
Module 6: SSL    Presentation    Demonstration    Quiz
Module 7: High-Availability  Presentation  Demonstration  — Currently not available Quiz
Module 8: Application Intelligence   Presentation Demonstration Quiz
End-of-Course Quiz
Email Security Training
SonicWALL Email Security (SES) Overview (1 of 10)
SES Technology Overview (2 of 10)
Understanding eMail Security Threats and Counter Measures (3 of 10)
SES Network Design Considerations (4 of 10)
SES Installation & Registration (5 of 10)
SES Deployment and Configuration (6 of 10)
6a – In 10 minutes
6b – In 1 hour
SES Administration and Operations (7 of 10)
Advanced SES Concepts (8 of 8)
8a – Approval Box    8b – Bayesian Filters  8c – Black Lists    8d – Connection Lists 
8e – Miscellaneous Topics     8f – Policies and Compliance     8g – DNS SPF 
Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Training:
CDP Product Overview (1 of 5)
CDP Deployment Scenarios (2 of 5)
Installation and First Day of Service (3 of 5)
Configuration & Provisioning (4 of 5)
Data Recovery (5 of 5)
CDP End of Course Quiz
Global Management System (GMS)
This eight module eLearning course is broken into three levels:  
Level 1 — SonicWALL Configurations for GMS
User-Level Overview
Technical Overview
Appliance Acquisition & Management
Reporting, Alerting & Monitoring
User Interface Management
Level 2 — SonicWALL  Solutions for GMS
Design & Planning
Level 3 — SonicWALL Network Design, Implementation & Troubleshooting for GMS
GMS Troubleshooting
Network Security Overview
Network Security Overview (1 of 4)
Firewall Fundementals (2 of 4)
Secure Network Design Concerns (3 of 4) 
Firewall Foundations (4 of 4)
Network Security Essentials: This eLearning course contains the following 10 modules.
IPSec overview (1 of 9)
VPN (2 of 9)
Network Address Translation (3 of 9)
Today’s VPN (4 of 9)
Configuring the Firewall (5 of 9)
Extending Firewall Functionality with Rules (6 of 9)
Working with Zones, Groups, and Objects (7 of 9)
DMZ, FW Services, Routing & Policies, Proxy Relay, load Balancing & Failover, Probe & Monitor (8 of 9)
Security Services (9 of 9) 
SonicOS v5.6 Technical Update
SonicOS v5.6 Deep Dive
Virtual Private Networking with SonicOS
VPN Foundations (1 of 4)
Cryptology Overview (2 of 4)
Implementing an IPSec VPN (3 of 4)
VPN Design Considerations (4 of 4)
Securing SonicWALL Wireless Networks This eLearning course contains the following 5 modules.
Wireless LAN Foundations (1 of 5)
Wireless LAN Communications (2 of 5)
Wireless LAN Security (3 of 5)
Wireless LAN Architecture Planning (4 of 5)
Distributed Wireless Solution Overview (5 of 5)

PRO 5060, 4060, 3060 Series—Multiservice Security Appliance for medium-sized to large networks
TZ 150/170 Series, SOHO TZ, TELE3 SP—Security platform with WLAN for SOHO and remote/branch office networks; targets service providers as well.
GX250/650—VPN concentrators for enterprises and data centers
SSL-VPN 200/2000—Targets small to medium-sized networks
SSL R/RX—Offload SSL processes on secured Web servers
CSM 2100 CF—Content filtering appliance for businesses, schools, and government
SonicPoint—Centrally managed wireless access points
GMS and ViewPoint—SonicWALL management and reporting

SonicWall Real Time Monitoring Dashboard
SonicWall Technical Support
SonicWall Video Library
SonicWall Datasheets
SonicWall Support Documentation
Sonicwall Installation Guide (PDF)
SonicWALL SonicOS 2.x Enhanced Quick Start Guide
SonicOS Standard/Enhanced Command Line Interface Guide – SonicWALL
SonicWALL Global VPN Client download site
SonicOS Enhanced 4.0 Administrator’s Guide PDF (20 MB)
SonicOS 5.8.1 Administrator’s Guide PDF (29 MB)
SonicOS Standard to Enhanced Settings Converter PDF

SonicWall E-Books
10 Ways to Optimize Your Network PDF
Clean Wireless – Adding Security, Performance, Manageability and Value to Wireless Deployments PDF
Why Switch from IPSec to SSL VPN And Four Steps to Ease Transition PDF
11 Cool Things Your Firewall Should Do PDF
Network World eBook: The Next Generation is the Smart Generation PDF
Minimize Your Agency’s Downtime from Disruption and Disasters PDF
Inoculate Your Enterprise From Disruption and Disasters PDF
Inoculate Your Business from Disruption and Disasters PDF
10 Key Things Your VoIP Firewall Should Do PDF
Consolidating Enterprise Network Security Infrastructure PDF
Consolidating SMB Network Security Infrastructure PDF
Securing the Small Business Network PDF
10 Sneaky Things a Spammer Will Do PDF
Security and the New Economy – Protecting the viability of your business in uncertain times PDF
Securing The Extended Healthcare Network – Comprehensive Healthcare Security Solutions for Real-world Scenarios PDF
Data Turnover Protection PDF
The Advantages of Multi-Core UTM PDF
10 Everyday Things Your Data Backup System Should Do PDF
The Adaptive Business PDF
Top 10 Trends in Telecommuting PDF
Securing the Everywhere Network PDF

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