Posted by: Mudassir Ali | March 8, 2012

Happy Womens Day

My small speech on Women’s Day in office.

We are here to celebrate the struggle for women’s rights in the economic, social, political, and cultural domain and not to forget the struggle for peace.

I thought the floor will be shaking with all the beautiful girls in one room.

I would like to give a big round of applause for all the women for coming over here.

Its women’s day.

A Women, how much ever we try to deny, is a major part of a man’s life.
A man is surrounded by four women all his life.

As a child, I use to look up to my MoM as a role model. She use to spread love in the family and take care of everyone. For all the comfort she gives, we find her comfort in old age home. It is by design that MoM is excepted to work for home and Dad is excepted to work from home. Which is not the case anymore, but still why is only MoM working for home.

As a teenager, my sister taught me how to be nice to girls and how to win over their hearts. I guess I am still trying to learn that part. I remember the days when my sister use to come back home and cry for going through all the evil which happens on the roads. I really didn’t understand why she use to cry. Even I went out like she did, but I have not seen any evil. One day I learnt why she use to cry while I was playing a prank on my friends.

I wore a ‘burkha’ my brother drove me on his bike, I was sitting the way girls sit. It was 15 minutes drive and then we stopped at Baker’s Inn. That day was my most embarrassing day, as I started hating those MeN who were starring at me all the time. Probably none of the MeN appreciated my figure. It’s not easy to be a women and live in this manly world.

She lived with her parent for like 25 years building all her comfort zone. One fine day she is sent to a new home and new people to live with. She is expected to do a good show to please her husband and in laws. And in todays world she is expected to do all that and also do a job. I still remember when my beautiful wife use to work, she use to struggle to get some sound sleep. But on the other hand she was proud of herself for what she is doing.

A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

She give’s me a million dollar smile and make me realize that money cannot buy this smile. Having two girls and going through the pink syndrome, I should have no question in my mind for learning from my girls how to be a soft spoken and kind. It is a reality that girl child are more exposed to physical abuse. There is very little is done today to eradicate this from our society.

So it starts from childhood and all the way till she is old and goes to an old age home.

We as a global family have all the power and intension give the women world what they desire. It is matter of putting the thoughts into action.

Join me in taking an oath to give whatever you can to make this world a better place.



  1. Aw, this was a very nice post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to create a top notch article… but what can I say… I procrastinate
    a lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

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