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Cisco Online Trainings & Events for January 2013

Cisco Online Trainings & Events for January 2013
Below is a consolidated training list from various Cisco training calendars.
Anyone interested in BYOD Hands on lab.
Team MIDAS (Mobility Information Dissemination and Sharing) is a Solutions Readiness Engineering group at Cisco.
They offer a new hands-on lab approximately once a quarter, as well as technical and design training. 
Here are a few ways to stay updated with this team. 

 Here is a list of the Team MIDAS Lab Guides:

Cisco Online Trainings & Events for January 2013

Date Training Register

 Hands on Lab

January 4th & 18th dCloud Demo Days Register  
January 07 Cisco Commerce Workspace Training – IronPort (9am PST, English) Register  
January 08 BYOD for Core Infrastructure Register  
January 08 Voice of the Engineer – Core Routing & SwitchingTopic:   BYOD for Core Infrastructure Register  
January 09 Enhancing Application Performance with PfR Register  
January 09 Satisfying customers with Fusion-io & Cisco UCS Register  
January 09 Voice of the Engineer – Security Topic: ISE Overview Register  
January 10 VoE – Nexus On-Demand – Strategic Partnership with Cisco Digital Signage Register  
January 10 Design Dashboard:  Top TAC Tips for Routing and Switching Register  
January 14 BYOD VDI Basics Hands-on Lab Register Hands on Lab
January 16 VM-FEX Configuration & Best Practice for Multiple Hypervisors Register  
January 17 VoE – Unified Attendant Console Update Register  
January 17 Introduction to Cisco Prime Collaboration – Simplified, Unified Management for Voice & Video Register  
January 22 Empowered Branch Register  
January 22 Voice of the Engineer – Core Routing & SwitchingTopic:   Empowered Branch Register  
January 23 Nexus 7004 Design and Positioning Deep Dive Register  
January 23 Voice of the Engineer – Topic: Architecture Overview – BYOD Smart Solution Register  
January 24 Software Defined Networking and Direction Register  
January 24 VoE – UC Server and Virtualization Directions Update Register  
January 24 ATE-CL403 – Streamline your Data Centre with Data Centre Infrastucture Management (DCIM) (2013 London) Register  
January 24 ATE-CL400 – Deploying and Managing the Unified Access One Network (2013 London) Register  
January 29 BRKARC-3453 – Nexus 6000 – Architecture of the next-generation Switch for the datacenter (2013 London) Register  
January 29 ATE-CL409 – Automating UCS for Systems Administrators (2013 London) Register  
January 29 ATE-CL402 – Converged Access Mobility Design & Architecture (2013 London) Register  
January 29 ATE-CL401 – Delivering a Future Proof Service Orientated Infrastructure to Your Business (2013 London) Register  
January 30 C-Series Servers Hard Drive Controller Options and Management Register  
January 30 ATE-CL405 – Application Visilbility and Control (AVC) (2013 London) Register  
January 30 ATE-CL404 – From Carpet to Concrete: Industrial Networking Concepts, Design, Resilience and Security (2013 London) Register  
January 30 ATE-CL408 – Cisco Data Center Switching: Simplified Path to Hybrid Cloud Adoption (2013 London) Register  
January 30 BRKEWN-2020 – Securely Managing the BYOD Phenomena (2013 London) Register  
January 30 BRKEWN-2010 – Design and Deployment of Enterprise WLANs (2013 London)   Register  
January 30 BRKSEC-2697 – Remote Access using Clientless VPN (2013 London) Register  
January 30 BRKARC-3452 – Cisco Nexus 5000/5500 and 2000 Switch Architecture (2013 London) Register  
08:00 AM PST Routing and Switching  2013 Bi-weekly Tuesdays Series Register  
January, every Tuesday and Thursday BYOD Jabber & Presence Hands-on Lab for Unified Communications 9.x Register Hands on Lab

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